Maria Sofia

My Process!

My coaching style, is simple we work together as one team. We will work together to uncover your own hidden gifts; we will strategize to create a plan that is based on your own unique experiences.

I will bring honesty, abundance of love, compassion, support, enthusiasm to the process and most importantly I will not allow you to give up on yourself. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone and encouraged to feel your pain head on in a safe environment. You have the ability to empower yourself and we will work together to get you there.

I will incorporate my intuition to uncover blocks/fears that are holding you back. Together we will uncover blind spots in areas such as love, health, family, relationships and career.

I have experienced many hardships in my own life that ultimately lead to depression; therefore, it is important for me to speak my truth. My goal is to inspire others to do the same. This is a tough journey and requires a strong commitment. So if you are committed to beginning the process of healing and are ready to do the hard work to move you from pain to empowerment, then let me help you through it.

1. Explore Mindset Freedom

Are you going through a career, or life change and feel unsure of what’s next?  Are you unclear and/or unfulfilled?  Wouldn’t it be useful for you to have support, connect to your vision and create a strategy?

My passion is aligning you with your truth, leaning into what you want so you can operate from a place of purpose and meaning.   Loving your career, life and relationships.

2. Transformational Skills

Discover what has been holding you back in losing weight!

Learn a transformational coaching method that has game changing results. I will help you discover what has been holding you back from achieving a healthy lifestyle. I will help bring awareness to areas of your life that need attention and give you tools to help you especially when life gets hectic and stressful.  As your health coach I will make you accountable for the goals you set for yourself but most importantly we will be creating a health program that is unique for your body.

3. Explore Revived Living

Do you go to sleep with the best of intentions only to wake up and find an excuse to not follow through?  Have you been trying to get your health and mind on track for months only to repeat your distractions over and over?

Are you operating on an auto pilot? How would you feel about the life your leading if you knew it was ending tomorrow?  What would you want to do different?

I have been you.  I would love to connect for a breakthrough conversation to revive your mind.

You are not your past, let me help you learn how you can turn your life around.