In May 2019, I started my own apparel line called Badass Angels. This line was created as a way to give back to the community. As someone who has personally struggled with Bullying as a child, I have made it my mission to bring awareness to bullying and children safety. Everyone that purchases my apparel is part of the giving back initiatives. My supporters mean a lot to me and I want to make sure these initiatives are a joint effort. We all need to become part of my mission against bullying. Together We Stand United!

I encourage everyone to visit to receive UpToDate information on how much has been raised towards the giveback initiatives.

I have partnered with Safety with Sam, a subsidiary of ARETE safety and protection Inc., promoting bully-free schools across North America. Proceeds from the sales of my apparel have supported the production of the Safety with Sam Prevention of School Bullying training video.

Future proceeds from the sale of my apparel line will go towards making this engaging training available to students looking for the courage and practical skills to speak up when they witness or are exposed to unwanted behaviors. This unique approach can make a huge difference in students lives.

Give Back: $5000 CDN

I have partnered with Kidpower which is a global non-profit leader in “People Safety” education – an international non-profit movement of leaders reaching over 6 millions people of all ages, abilities, genders, identities, and walks of life with effective, culturally-competent interpersonal and social safety skills.

Future proceeds from the sale of my apparel line will go towards providing proven curriculum and educational resources to parents and teachers on how to stop bullying by knowing how to take charge of safety and teaching experiential and engaging ‘People Safety’ skills to kids, youth, and teens that are fun to learn and practice, while helping to build healthy social skills, caring relationships, and a safe community culture for all.

Give Back $300 CDN

I am partnering with ATTCH Niagara to provide funding so that more people can have access to ATTCH Niagara free and low cost trauma treatments.

Purpose: The purpose of the Attachment and Trauma Treatment Center for Healing (ATTCH) Niagara is to provide free and low cost state of the art attachment and trauma treatment and focusing on holistic wellness and preventative care (early intervention) to facilitate healing.

Vision: Providing quality treatment to meet the unique needs of clients. Promoting healing and resilience through education, support and connection.

Mission: Healing life’s hurts through awareness, compassion and self-care.

Campaign Zero aims to end police brutality by providing the public and government officials with urgent, research-based policy solutions

This organization raises money to post bail for LGBTQIA + people who have been jailed across the country. The LGBTQ Fund also provides referrals to medical, legal and social services to those in need, in addition to raising awareness of the epidemic of LGBTQ over incarceration.