You have to approach nutrition as a lifestyle not as a diet. As your health coach I will give you the tools to help bring awareness of how food reacts within your body, foods that give you energy vs the foods that depilate it. We will dive into helping your subconscious create better choices when choosing what food to eat.

We will work on achieving a health mindset and transform how you relate to food. I will give you super ninja skills to help you overcome your addiction to food and help you replace it with a healthier mindset.

For your copy of Mommy, Can I Eat This? Please visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Chapters. Please visit for additional information on nutrition.

If you are under the age of 18, I have made it my mission to teach children and teenagers the importance of nutrition. I offer free sessions in nutrition  to anyone under the ages of 18. Please email me directly at  and you will be placed on a first come first serve basis.